America Visa lottery Application Form 2021/2022 – Apply for US Diversity Visa Lottery

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If you are looking forward to staying permanently in the United States and you already apply or planning to apply for America Visa lottery, good for you. In this post, we will be talking about the “America Visa lottery Application Form 2021/2022 and US Visa Application guide 2021”.  

The United States of America is the second largest country in the world that offers new immigrants access to stay permanently or temporarily in its country either for work, business or tourist purposes. The America visa Lottery is however given to individuals who will like to stay permanently in the United States. It is however, important for you to know that before you are granted the visa lottery, you need to have some supporting documents and alongside your already filled America Visa lottery Application Form especially if you are applying in this 2021/2022 section.

America Visa lottery Application Form 2021/2022 - Apply for US Diversity Visa Lottery

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Please be reminded that the American Visa Lottery Application Form 2021/2022 is officially closed but the information below will guide you properly.

American Visa Lottery Application Form 2021/2022

AMERICA VISA LOTTERY 2021 – several people from different parts of the world including Nigerians have been challenged with the right information they need as regards applying for the America Visa lottery 2021 and all the processes involved when applying. Without mincing words, the information on this post will properly guide you on how to apply for the 2021/2022 America Visa Lottery.

Keep in mind that if you want to apply for this Visa lottery, it is either you wish to live there permanently or temporarily, or you want to work there, or go there for study, or for other important reasons.

For FY 2022, the DV lottery program will make up to 55,000 green card numbers available through random selection. FY 2022 lottery results will be announced in May 2021. Foreign nationals selected in the FY 2022 lottery can submit their green card applications starting on October 1, 2021.

American Visa Lottery Application Instructions

First and foremost, it is important to know that the way to officially apply for a green card lottery is to apply at the US Dept. of State Website. Please beware of other non-government and fraudulent websites that collect charges fees from you. The application is completely free.

However, you will need to fill an online form called Form DS-5501, Electronic Diversity Visa Entry Form, a major requirement during your DV open registration period. Keep in mind that you cannot download the form and fill it out unlike other application forms.

For the DV-2005, paper entries are not accepted. So it is advisable to go through the online process because it is more efficient and secure. When you use this online application process, the Department of Entrants must submit an online form and a digital photo through the official DV lottery website. DV lottery applicants may include a spouse (same-sex or opposite-sex) and children in their entry.

Applicants must carefully follow the State Department’s official lottery instructions. Lottery entries and digital photos that do not precisely conform to the instructions will be disqualified.

United States uses the special technology and other means to identify the persons who commits fraud or illegal immigration or those who are applying using multiple entries.

For FY 2022, the principal applicant must enter information from his or her valid international travel passport unless the applicant is stateless, a national of a Communist-controlled country and unable to obtain a passport from the government of the Communist-controlled country, or the beneficiary of an individual waiver approved by the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Secretary of State.

Do not wait until the last week of registration because of the huge demand which may result in website delay and keep your application pending.

Make sure you fill the online form completely and provide your correct information. Failure to do this may result in your entry being disqualified. Do not make more than one entry.

All documents including your birth certificate, work experience, school records, etc are to be forwarded to the online entry registration page.

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American Visa Lottery Application Form Details

These entail your basic information and they include:

1.       FULL NAME – Last/Family Name in Capital letters, First/Given Name, Middle Name

2.       DATE OF BIRTH – this include Day, Month, Year. Please note that date of birth format should be written in the format Day, Month, Year as it is the widely accepted format in the most parts of the world.

3.        GENDER – Male or Female


5.       COUNTRY WHERE YOU WERE BORN – The name of the country that is currently in use for the place where you were born.

6.       COUNTRY OF ELIGIBILITY OR CHARGEABILITY FOR THE DV PROGRAM – In most cases, it is the country of your birth. But, you can use the country of birth either your from your spouse or one of their parents.

7.       ENTRY PHOTOGRAPH(S) – you must provide recent digital photographs of yourself, your spouse and all your minor unmarried children under 21 years of age, if applicable. The photograph must be an individual photograph. Family or group photographs are not accepted.

Make sure you include all your natural children, children of your other spouse legally adopted children and stepchildren who are unmarried under the age of 21 years on the date of your application. You need to include these children even if you are no longer married to the child’s parent, even if the child does not reside with you and/or will not immigrate with you.

Do not include your children who are already U.S. citizens or Lawful Permanent Residents.

If you are married, unless you are legally separated (i.e., there is a written agreement recognized by a court or a court order), you need to include your spouse as well even if he/she does reside with you and/or will not immigrate with you. Of course, if you are legally divorced or widowed, you no longer have a spouse and you don’t have to enter the former spouse information.

Married children and children 21 years of age or older are not eligible to be included in your DV application.

However, according to the Child Status Protection Act (CSPA), it may be possible for the child to immigrate with you if the DV application is made before the child turns 21 and the child turns 21 before visa issuance. In such cases, he/she may be protected from aging out and will be treated as if he/she were under 21 years solely for the purpose of processing the visa.

However, in order to take advantage of this, the child actually must seek to acquire the immigrant visa within a year of the visa becoming available.

If you fail to list all of your eligible children and/or your spouse, it will result in the disqualification of the entire case and the immigration visa will be rejected at the time of visa interview.

Of course, if you had any children born after you made the application and before the visa was issued, you could obviously not include those children in the original application and they would still get the immigrant visa.

Of course, you do not need to be married or have children in order to apply for lottery green card.

8.  MAILING ADDRESS – This include Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City/Town,      District/County/Province/State, Postal Code/Zip Code, and Country.



11. E-MAIL ADDRESS – Please provide your valid email address to which you have direct access. Please do not provide someone else’s email address or a general company address.

You will NOT receive an official selection letter at this email address. However, if your entry is selected and you respond to the official letter you received from the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC), you may receive follow-up communication from them by email.

12. WHAT IS THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF EDUCATION YOU HAVE ACHIEVED, AS OF TODAY? You must indicate which one of the following represents your own highest level of educational achievement: (1) Primary school only, (2) High school, no degree, (3) High school degree, (4) Vocational school, (5) Some university courses, (6) University degree, (7) Some graduate-level courses, (8) Master degree, (9) Some doctorate level courses, and (10) Doctorate degree

13. MARITAL STATUS – Unmarried, Married, Divorced, Widowed, or Legally Separated

14. NUMBER OF CHILDREN – Total number of children. Please look at #7 above for further information.

15.  SPOUSE INFORMATION – this include details of your spouse. Name, Date of Birth, Gender, City/Town of Birth, Country of Birth, and Photograph. Please look at #7 above for further information.

16. CHILDREN INFORMATION – Name, Date of Birth, Gender, City/Town of Birth, Country of Birth, and Photograph. Please look at #7 above for further information.

Keep in mind that Signatures are not required on the E-DV entry form.

Eligibility Requirements for US Diversity Visa Lottery 2021/2022

It is expected that interested persons meet the following eligibility requirements to be able to enrol for the US electronic diversity visa lottery.

Requirement #1:

Individuals born in countries whose natives qualify may be eligible to enter. If you were not born in an eligible country, there are two other ways you might be able to qualify.

  • Was your spouse born in a country whose natives are eligible? If yes, you can claim your spouse’s country of birth – provided that both you and your spouse are named on the selected entry, are found eligible and issued diversity visas, and enter the United States simultaneously.
  • Were you born in a country whose natives are ineligible, but in which neither of your parents was born or legally resident at the time of your birth? If yes, you may claim the country of birth of one of your parents if it is a country whose natives are eligible for the DV 2021-2022 program.

Requirement #2:

Each DV applicant must meet the education/work experience requirement of the DV program by having either:

  • at least a high school education or its equivalent, defined as successful completion of a 12-year course of formal elementary and secondary education.


  • two years of work experience within the past five years in an occupation that requires at least two years of training or experience to perform. The Department of State will use the U.S. Department of Labor’s O*Net Online database to determine qualifying work experience.

For more information on the requirements for DV lottery, visit

Selection Process and Timeline

A Must Read Useful Information! if you are applying for the US diversity visa lottery 2021-2022 you should take note of the following;

  • Selection of applicants is based on the allocations of available visas in each region and country, the Department of State will randomly select individuals by computer from among qualified entries.
  • All diversity visa lottery (DV-2021/2022) entrants must go to the Entrant Status Check using the unique confirmation number saved from your online entry registration to find out whether your entry has been selected in the program.
  • If your entry is selected, you will be directed to a confirmation page providing further instructions, including information about fees connected with immigration to the United States.
  • Entrant Status Check will be the ONLY means by which the Department of State notifies selectees of their selection for DV-2021/2022.
  • The Department of State will not mail notification letters or notify selectees by email. U.S. embassies and consulates will not provide a list of selectees.
  • All selectees, including family members, must be issued visas by September 30, 2021.
  • Individuals who have not been selected also will be notified ONLY through the Entrant Status Check on the E-DV website. You are strongly encouraged to access Entrant Status Check yourself.
  • Do not rely on someone else to check and inform you.

How to Apply for US Diversity Visa Lottery Program

Registration for the diversity visa lottery (DV-2021/2022) is done online. To apply;

  • Visit the Department of state website at www. to start registration
  • Click the registration or apply button (not currently available)
  • Fill and upload all required documents in the appropriate fields.
  • Also, check the application instruction page to study the application procedure in detail.

Further Notes on US Diversity Visa Lottery 2021/2022

In order to immigrate;

  • DV selectees must be admissible to the United States.
  • The DS-260, Online Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application is done electronically, and the consular officer, in person, will ask you questions about your eligibility to immigrate under U.S. law; these questions include criminal and security related topics.
  • Under no circumstances can the Department of State issue DVs nor can USCIS approve adjustments after this date, nor can family members obtain DVs to follow-to-join the principal applicant in the United States after this date.
  • The Department of State will not mail notification letters or notify selectees by email.  U.S. embassies and consulates will not provide a list of selectees.
  • Entrant Status Check on the E-DV website is the ONLY means by which the Department of State notifies selectees of their selection.

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Eligible Countries for the DV-2023 Diversity Visa Lottery program

Before we talk about Eligible countries that qualify for the DV-2023 diversity visa lottery. The following countries are excluded from entering the DV-2023 Diversity Visa Lottery program this year:

  • Bangladesh
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China (Including Hong Kong SAR)
  • Colombia
  • Dominican Republic
  • El Salvador
  • Haiti
  • Honduras
  • India
  • Jamaica
  • Mexico
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • South Korea
  • United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland)
  • Vietnam
  • Note that United Kingdom includes the following dependent areas: Anguilla, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Montserrat, Pitcairn, St. Helena, and Turks and Caicos Islands. Northern Ireland does qualify.
  • Persons born in the Gaza Strip are chargeable to Egypt for the USA Diversity Visa Lottery this year.
  • Persons born in Macau SAR and Taiwan are also eligible to enter the DV-2023 Lottery.
  • Natives from all other countries may register for this years DV-Lottery, the USA DV-2023 Diversity Visa Lottery.

How American Visa Lottery Winners are Selected and Notified

The State Department chooses lottery winners by random computer selection. Results will be published starting May 8, 2021 through September 30, 2022, on the official DV lottery entry status website.

Foreign nationals can learn whether they were selected only by visiting the official DV website and entering their confirmation number. The State Department does not notify entrants by letter, e-mail, fax or telephone. The official website is the only legitimate source of lottery results.

How to Check Your Status

To check your status, follow the steps below:

1.       Kindly visit the official DV lottery website –

2.       On the next page, scroll down and click on “Check Status” at the bottom of the homepage.  

3.       It redirect you to the next page, click on “Continue”.

4.       Next, enter your confirmation number, last/Family name, year of birth, and Authentication.

5.       Then, click on “Submit”.

American Visa Lottery Application Confirmation

  • Once you successfully register the entry, an on-screen will appear showing confirmation of your name and a unique confirmation number.
  • Print this confirmation screen for your records. You will need this confirmation number in when you want to check your status online, starting March of 2020
  • If you lose the confirmation page (or number), the only way to know whether you have been selected in the lottery would be if you receive an official letter by post. The KCC cannot resend the confirmation page or number to you.