Instacart Promo Codes August 2020 – How to Get $10 to $60 off Instacart Coupons

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Do you know you can get $10 or more off your order using Instacart promo codes this August 2020? This is one of the benefits users enjoy on choosing an online grocery store like Instacart. The Instacart promo code is used to give discounts off orders to loyal customers. On the contrary, there are many online and offline grocery stores and supermarkets like Walmart, Wholefoods, etc; that are connected with Instacart. The use of the coupon code makes it easier for any Instacart user to enjoy big in-store savings in their everyday dealings with all different online stores.

Instacart Promo Codes August 2020 - How to Get $10 to $60 off Instacart Coupons
Instacart Promo Codes August 2020 – How to Get $10 to $60 off Instacart Coupons

Furthermore, the Instacart promo codes enables user gets free delivery during this August 2020. However, in order for customer to take advantage of the coupon code; you must have must have a valid account and a valid form of accepted payment with Instacart. This is to help customers get their orders at a lower price in which the platforms get its own revenue.  Users can even save more by keeping the delivery cost down by ordering in advance. Therefore, it brings a mutual benefit for both the customer and Instacart platform. Additionally, there are ways on how to use the Instacart promocode.

How to Use an Instacart Promo Codes in August 2020

Using the Instacart is simple and easy, but if you are not sure on how to use it, I recommend you follow these steps in this article. You can access the coupon code using your computer or the mobile App on your smart phone.

  • Sign up and Log into your Instacart account
  • A page pops out, click on Account
  • A menu list shows up, click on Add promo code
  • Enter code, and press redeem by adding the code to your order.
  • Then, you can start shopping until checking out time.

Please note: that your coupon code will be used when shopping for your next order automatically. You can also view your promo code on the platform.

How to view your active Instacart Promocode

There are on ways on how to know if your promocode is saved to your Instacart account. You can also check to know if you have got a valid coupon code in your account.

  • Go to the web and enter on the URL
  • The homepage pops out; click on Account bat the top right corner of the page.
  • Click on Credit & Promo code to know if you have any.

In case, you don’t have an active promocode, I can show you ways to get coupon code as it varies from $10 to $60 or more.

How do I get $10 to $60 off Instacart Coupons?

There are ways on how to get more money saved to your account and they include:

  1. Create an account on Instacart to get free delivery on your first order where new users take advantage of their 14 day free trial. The new customer get $10 off sitewide with no minimum purchase
  2. You can also get up to 40% off selected items with no order minimum.
  3. You can also save using the Instacart referral program. The higher the number of friends you refer the more money you get. Moreover, you and your friend get a free $10 Instacart coupon. For instance, if you refer up to 20 friends, you can earn up to $200 in Instacart.

In conclusion, following all these steps guarantee you the easy way of saving using the Instacart promocode.

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