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Privacy policy

Our privacy policy at MakeTechGist.com is unique as we are responsible for guiding every action taken regarding information sources. Meanwhile, every information on our website is kept safe and secure on the platform.

We get information using different medium particularly through social media, google, and other search engines. Concerning this, we as a team treat copyright content with paramount attention. Our platform at MakeTechGist is configured with some widgets features which enable us to share important information with friends through other social media platforms. You can also browse for various information on technology as the platform possess a search button. This is to find related information on any topic.

Furthermore, the privacy policy plays a major role as we protect our information and do not share it with anyone as every information is treated with utmost priority and regards. The policy entails the process of collecting information, protecting the information as they are stored on the MakeTechGist platform. We have made our website accommodating and interesting for everyone. However, The MakeTechGist Team also act according to the Data Protection Act 1998 and Related laws. We are governed by the legal law to protect every personal information we collect from everyone. If by any means; you have a misconception, opinions, questions, or comments about our privacy policy on the website. You can visit our portal and drop your comments via the comment box or through our contact.